Natanya Rutstein

Independent Talent Management Consultant
Johannesburg, South Africa

In 1998 she began her career in Human Resources Development at Vodacom where she worked her way through all aspects of the function until finding her passion in HR Information Systems.

In 2012, she moved into consulting and joined forces with the former Vodacom Executive Head of Learning and Development and Talent Hub founder Dr Lydia Cillie-Schmidt. Natanya has consulted on a wide range of projects at SAA, The Gautrain Management Agency, SARS, HRG Rennies Travel, GEMS, RTIA and many more.

She has a special interest in the development of learning paths utilising the principles of micro-learning and nano-coaching. Natanya is passionate about creating employee learning experiences which are asynchronous, bite sized and which can be delivered and integrated across multiple technology platforms and devices. She enjoys bringing them to life through the utilisation of the enticing elements of gamification!

Natanya graduated from the University of the Witwatersrand with a BA Degree in Industrial Psychology and Law and obtained a Post Graduate Diploma in Management from the Wits Business School.