How Learning Paths Speed Up Organizational Change

By Steve Rosenbaum

All organizations are faced with the challenge of making a smooth and quick transition when organizational change is required. Planned changes often include a reorganization, new software or computer systems, new processes, mergers and acquisitions. Unplanned changes can include supply chain disruptions, new technology, new competition, and other market forces. From a training standpoint, this fundamentally changes how everyone does their job. Without proper training, the change won’t happen or happen as expected.

There are a number of advantages using Learning Paths. First, you have a very detailed baseline on how jobs are done and how they are trained. In this baseline, a great deal of organizational knowledge has been captured. This is important because there can be a lot of attrition especially from experienced staff when the change happens.

Second, Learning Paths can be created by revising current Learning Paths to fit the new way jobs will be done. It’s easier to look for what needs to change rather than starting from scratch. In the case of a merger or acquisition, Learning Paths is a method of reducing two or more ways of doing and learning a job down to one. Third, there is a method for building new paths rather than trying to build training without an agreed upon process.

Finally, Learning Paths provides a set of agreed upon learning principles which will guide everyone in building consistent, effective training in the fastest time possible.

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Steve Rosenbaum is president  and founder of Learning Paths International.  For more than 30 years, he has led successful Learning Paths initiatives for major corporations in manufacturing, sales, healthcare, customer service, finance, and leadership.  He has developed and trained a network of Learning Path consultants and partners in the U.S. and internationally.   As an author, Steve has written 6 books including Learning Paths:  Increase profits by reducing the time it takes to get employees up-to-speed, Up to Speed Secrets of Reducing Time to Proficiency, Managing and Measuring Productivity, and Fair Employment Interviewing.